Naica Selenite

This Naica selenite comes from only one place in the world, the Naica mines of Chihuahua, Mexico. This is the highest quality, most pure selenite you will ever find. A thousand feet below the surface of the Earth is where Naica selenite is found. Naica is considered to be one of the most extreme places on the planet due to its intense heat and humidity.  Naica selenite is believed to be a half million years old and is extremely rare.

Selenite is known as the happiness stone. It raises vibrations in a space and attunes you to the Greater Good of all beings, and the consciousness of your Higher Self. Selenite is gentle, peaceful, and yet strong and potent. Negative energy cannot persist in its vibrational presence.

These Naica selenite crystals are an especially supreme tool for you if you’re a healer, energy worker, or Reiki practitioner. You’ll see as you work with it that it generously infuses all energy fields with positive light.