Quantum Cuatro

Peruvian Quantum Cuatro is a combination of quartz, malachite and chrysocolla. Peruvian Quantum Cuatro is sourced from Tentadora mine in Peru.

A powerful stone of transformation, intuition & compassion, this is an excellent crystal for healing the heart and throat chakras.

Quartz enhances spiritual growth, spirituality, awareness, and wisdom. It increases inspiration and creativity. Quartz is a stone of harmony and is helpful in romantic relationships.

Malachite is the essence of joy and is known as the "stone of transformation" because it helps reveal and heal emotional pain by absorbing the pain into itself. It is especially helpful in bringing ease during times of change and gives the insight needed for personal growth.

Chrysocolla empowers feminine energies and is a stone of the Goddess. It brings gifts of balance and serenity so that we can communicate with the spiritual energies of Mother Earth herself. It provides a deeply grounding energy that feels safe and strong, and allows us to live from a place of very real love and to communicate that love accordingly.